The idea with Numero is simply that I try to create at least a playlist every couple of months (minimum 30 mins) that have completely different identities. More bluntly, this is how I try to beat the algorithm.

It’s partially a chronology of what I’m listening to atm, but more an exercise for me to both discover new music and organize it based on vibe rather than empirical genre or when it was released. I might go back and add songs to a playlist from 2018 before creating a new one, if it makes sense.

With that said, I definitely had a hyperpop phase when I started doing all those Charli videos so there are like 5 playlists that could more or less be the same.

But don’t worry all my indie/hiphop/folk/chamberpop/jazz friends it’s all in there. Hey Moon (one by John Maus and another by Molly Nilson) and 100 by Dean Blunt appear all over the place bc I’m convinced those songs can fit in just about any playlist.

I love all music (truly, even country) and think the sharing of playlists is essential for the future of humanity. Send me your playlists!

With that said, this is more for me than it is for you.

> where it all started. I've never discussed with Gabo how much I love his track Penafiel and how I have no idea where it came from. But it led to the rest of the playlist.

> I'm really proud to say that I drove Helena to her session with JPEG that resulted in the first track lol. This playlist makes me think of a happy metropolis with lots of parks.

> A love playlist trying to incorporate as many genres as I can even if it's kind of a big stretch.

> Summertime; fast, slow, high, low, big, and small.

> It's raining and you're hanging out with an architect wearing a skullcap who's making you genmaicha tea.

> You're in Berlin and it's you vs. anxiety as you bike as fast as you can to the lake party with the cool DJ.

> Nostalgic blues meets love in the time of corona. Probably the most played playlist, and the most often updated. Fun fact the Squirrel Flower track is by far my most played song on Spotify.

> Six flags for your mind body and heart. Technically love in the time of corona pt. 2 - the part with both anger, excitement, moody tears, and a lot of getting fucked up.

> time to dissociate!

> ur wandering around Bushwick trying to figure out if your crush wants to hang.

> everything always turns up!

> love it or hate it

> can i get an essentia with that ketamine? (I went to substance fest by myself and remembered I should celebrate my interest in music that makes me feel insane despite no friends reciprocating that interest. The Swans track is imo a perfect track and i will 100% always regret skipping their show during this album cycle).

> it's cold and the days die young. make some tea. write in your journal. do some yoga, meditate.

> I remember a time when I hated on EDM, IDM, Techno, House, and Electronica in general... and now I'll let it do whatever it wants to me. Imo very important to embrace this shit. Snuck a few abrasive tracks in there I’m sorry.

> shoutout Valerie Solanas lol (i'm nuanced)

> "in it" but "chill"

> posi? neggy? Saturn return, but online.

> you're walking in a mall. Hot Topic, Zumiez, GameStop, Spencer's Gifts, and a nameless hobby shop selling funko pops are all packed into a corner. You enter the corner, you are embraced, it feels like 2008 for some reason, and you think "yeah, about time I bought some checkered vans".

> cool kid melancholia. you're wearing balenciaga dead stock and participating in active listening with a friend going through a break up.

> nothing fancy. You used to feel like an old soul, and now you are one. Any song that makes me think about transition between various chapters of my life, rather than the chapters themselves.

> This is actually a song-for-song rip of a playlist I made in 2018 called "Music to... feel happy about feeling sad to".
> Before NUMERO, I was making my own version of iD’s “Music To...” series. I have about 15-20 of those playlists, and they’re mostly sad girl songs, but this is probably the best one. It was my most played playlist during a 2 month period of squatting in an empty apartment as well as my fave playlist on the solo roadtrip that brought me home. A lot of these songs are those special songs that transport me into instant infinite nostalgia, a mode of appreciating life that often feels distant and aspirational. Its about loving life as you live it. If NUMERO 019 is about transitions between key phases of my life, NUMERO 020 is about returning to the juiciest chapter, and finding a new peace in that space. There are a couple repeats between them and I think that’s kind of nice.

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Luke is a visual artist based in LA specializing in direction and photography.

Re: the work

The primary directive is to capture and create work that fosters empathy and catharsis, whether it be through traditional narratives or more abstract spectacle. Driven by the idea that visual mediums can communicate what cannot be said - and in this way dismantle our anxieties to reveal the human being behind the social being.